I am working in science (2nd stint abroad), quite an international setting I would think. My colleagues and friends come from many different countries, quite a number without christian history, and i do not agree they are at a disadvantage because of that. Admittedly, not many of them believe in God(s), but i enjoy their opinions on family, society, sustainability, capitalism, tolerance, open mindedness, (world)politics. So I stand by my argument that being raised in a European culture does not give you better morals. Education, emphathy, critical thinking, self-awareness and curiosity in what you can learn from other people/cultures will.

H0; Humans created God(s)
H1; God(s) created humankind.

Based on the law of parsimony (Ockham's razor) and the principle of extraordinary claims requiring substantial proof, I can not accept anything other than H0.

The Goldy-locks theological (appologetics) argument furthermore is handicapped by the lack information to estimate the number of dice-rolls, so can't say if it is "to good to be true"/chance. (Rolling 4 sixes in a row in a series of 10 tries, or within a series of 10 million roles).

And even if there was "a" divine role in creation, i would still argue that a spagetti-monster is no less likely than the image the local priest in your hometown provided.

Relix I think we've come to a point where our positions are clear now. Thanks a lot for your polite and insightful inter exchange, this was fun.


Science can not prove in a lab or empirically where does the moral ground of civilizations come. And even if it did, all I said is that's an ongoing debate. So you're the one pretending that's an undeniable truth. A simple Google search will reveal you that. I'd argue that's one of the most common philosophical debates happening since forever till now.
Bullshit. We're done. (Y)

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Een fijn spel zo voor de zondagmiddag, 14 van de 16 goed
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